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AIM student George Perez talks about commanding a submarine while working toward his MS. Learn how the flexibility of the AIM format enables George to pursue a top-notch degree from anywhere in the world.

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AIM's Four Main Curriculum Components

Application Requirements

  • Regionally accredited bachelor's degree.
  • Current employment in a position related to one of AIM's four main curriculum components.
  • Minimum of five years work experience in some combination of the AIM curriculum areas.

We welcome international applicants!


Application materials for Winter term 2018 are due October 2.

About the AIM Program

Information management is everyone's business in an organization. It affects how well you communicate with clients, how secure data is, and whether your organization meets its goals.

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Earn your Master's Degree online. AIM graduate students are full-time professionals and part-time students. AIM is an interdisciplinary degree through the UO Graduate School.

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