Applied Information Management

CANC:Process vs. Practice: How Work Gets Done

Department: AIM
Number: 607
CRN: 26910
Credits: 2
Date: February 25–March 22, 2019
Day and Time: Online
Instructor(s): Tim Williams
Fee: $1574
Grade Option: Pass/No Pass
Registration Deadline: 01/25/2019

Course Description

There are many examples of large (re)systemization projects within organizations that do not deliver on the promise of the technology and, in fact, result in adverse business impacts. With the increasing rate of technological innovation, there is a commensurate increase in the temptation to engineer technological solutions for process problems within an organization. This approach often ignores the impact to organizational culture, social knowledge, and other issues that are critical to an organizational success. This short course examines the interplay among those issues with various technological approaches and offers ideas for optimizing the performance of the organization and the systems that support it.

Prerequisite(s) Required

Virtual Learning and Teams

Course Materials

Brown, J. S., & Duguid, P. (2017). The social life of information. Boston, MA: Harvard Business School. ISBN: 978-1633692411 or 1633692418. (Required.)

Gladwell, M. (2005). Blink: The power of thinking without thinking. New York, NY: Little, Brown. ISBN: 978-0316010665 or 9780316010665. (Required.)

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