Applied Information Management

Vendor Management

Department: AIM
Number: 607
CRN: 26911
Credits: 2
Date: February 25–March 22, 2019
Day and Time: Online
Instructor(s): Travis Luckey
Fee: $1574
Grade Option: Pass/No Pass
Registration Deadline: 01/25/2019

Course Description

This course explores techniques and considerations for managing vendor relationships. Businesses today leverage online systems and communication technologies to allow for closer partnership and collaboration with vendors. Topics covered include vendor selection, managing outcomes, and measuring performance to drive business value and mitigate risk.

Prerequisite(s) Required

Virtual Learning and Teams

Course Materials

Guth, S. (2007). The vendor management office: Unleashing the power of strategic sourcing. Raleigh, NC: Lulu Press. ISBN: 1435703839 or 978-1435703834. (Required.)

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