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The AIM Alumni Project

The AIM Program is producing a series of profiles about the professional work of our graduates. The goal is to explore the diversity of work of the information manager and to examine how the field is evolving.

AIM alumni who wish to submit a profile are welcome to send an e-mail to the AIM Program at, or call us at 800-824-2714, and we'll send you a suggested framework.

Scott Fenton

Creating IT Solutions to Fit Businesses Large and Small—An Interview with Scott Fenton ('95), vice president and chief information officer, Wind River Systems

What is your current job?

I am currently vice president and chief information officer (CIO) for Wind River Systems, an Intel wholly-owned subsidiary. Wind River is the world leader in embedded software solutions. Our products are found in over a billion devices in automotive, aerospace and defense, networking hardware, telecommunications, and consumer electronics. I am responsible for all technology and business systems worldwide in our twenty-five plus offices. This includes business systems, network technology, telecommunications, security, and client services.

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Brandon Gatke

Traditional IT Support and Leadership—An Interview with Brandon Gatke ('08), IT director, Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare

What is your current job?

I am the IT director for Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare, a nonprofit that is the largest behavioral healthcare provider in Oregon. I'm responsible for all IT strategy, compliance, and infrastructure including, but not limited to, hardware/software servers, network security, department personnel management, and day-to-day operations for the IT department. Additional duties include department budgetary planning, project management, implementation/assessment of future technology needs, and directing the Business Intelligence team for analysis and forecasting capabilities.
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Hope Angel

Executive Coordination–An Interview with Hope Angel ('11), executive coordinator, OHSU Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute

What is your current job?

I am the executive coordinator for the director of Oregon Health and Science University's Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute, Beaverton West Campus and Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute, Florida.

How do you spend your work time?

I assist with the grant writing process–from applications to five year research plans; planning annual meetings; coordinating regional and international travel for the director as well as visitors to both campuses; regulatory updates; financial reconciliations and invoicing.
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Michael Wright

A Brewery and Project Management—An Interview with Michael Wright ('06), owner and brewer, The Commons Brewery

What prompted you to begin brewing beer?

I started homebrewing about six to seven years back after being introduced to it by a friend. I was hooked instantly and the hobby grew over time to what it is today.

On your website, you talk about what inspires your beer. What inspired you to start The Commons Brewery? How did the name come about?

Simply put, starting The Commons Brewery was all about following a passion. This is a simple concept we hear about for the vast majority of our lives but so often we have a lengthy list of reasons why we can't, or shouldn't do it. There comes a time, and this was true for me, when you have to take a leap and go for it. So many clichès, but all of them are dead on.
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Connie Atchley

Project Management—An Interview with Connie Atchley ('10), senior project manager, SunGard Higher Education

What is your current job?

SunGard Higher Education designs software solutions for higher education and purchases and implements complimentary products as part of a suite of solutions to meet the broader needs of a campus. They are specifically known for Banner, their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application. I am a senior project manager for SunGard Higher Education working on software implementation and technology projects in the Western Region. My region includes the Western United States, Western Canada, and Guam.
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Travis S. Luckey

IT Leadership—An Interview with Travis S. Luckey ('09), director of Information Technology, VTM Group

What is your current job?

I am the Director of Information Technology at VTM Group. In this role, I am responsible for short and long-term planning, P&L and IT budget management, IT and software development program management, personnel management, and vendor contract management.
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Peter Batten

Green and Clean Technology—An interview with Peter Batten ('98), general manager, ISS Green Fleet

What is your current job?

I run a business unit of Instrument Sales and Services (ISS) that retrofits public and commercial "big engine" fleets with emissions reduction technology. We install equipment like exhaust catalysts, crankcase filtration, and cabin heaters. This is a big change from my last role managing a software company, but I was attracted to this "clean technology" opportunity because I know we make a difference in air quality for everyone, and especially for people like my asthmatic daughter.
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Linda Ballas

Communicating as an Enterprise Architect—An Interview with Linda Ballas ('05), enterprise architect, Standard Insurance Company

What is your current job?

I am an enterprise architect responsible for the domain of applications within Standard Insurance Company. Enterprise architecture is a department within Information Technology (IT), focusing on alignment of IT with company strategic goals and objectives. I also teach IT classes at the University of Phoenix, mostly for information systems majors, including various programming languages and other topics such as Internet security. I enjoy teaching business majors about IT–many of those folks only experience IT when their laptops fail or they get an error message in an application.
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Joel Tachau

Information Architecture—An Interview with Joel Tachau ('07), director of user experience

What is your job title?

I am an information architect (IA). My specific job title is director of user experience. And while I was unexpectedly downsized last month, I quickly found a similar position as user experience lead and software design expert. I want to emphasize that my project management training and technology management experience helped in the job search. I am currently using my project management skills and working on a portal project–both things I learned in AIM.
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AIM alumnus Julie Rhodes
Julie Rhodes ('15) and Dr. Kara McFall
Julie Rhodes received the 2015 Capstone award from Dr. Kara McFall, AIM director, for her research paper Incorporating Collaborative Technologies Into the Pedagogy of Instructor-Led Training at the AIM graduation luncheon.