Applied Information Management

Inaugural Meeting of the AIM Advisory Board

The AIM Advisory Board was developed to bring industry leaders into a working partnership with AIM leadership to provide input on the curriculum, to increase the program’s visibility, and to create knowledgeable advocates of the program. The inaugural meeting was held on April 22, 2016 in the University of Oregon’s historic White Stag Block building in downtown Portland. Board members joined Jane Gordon, interim UO vice provost, Portland; Sara Hodges, associate dean, UO Graduate School; Lynn Kahle, AIM academic director; and Kara McFall, AIM director. The attendees provided support for the AIM mission, vision, and curriculum focus; recommendations for tailoring learning objectives to map to competitive skills in the marketplace; and input on new offerings that are currently under development. Common themes from the discussion included the criticality of cybersecurity and vendor management as multidisciplinary concerns, the need for collaboration among AIM faculty in developing and delivering courses, and the significant role that communication plays in being an effective leader.

Key action items from the meeting include scheduling a comprehensive strategic analysis session to further develop AIM’s strategic plan, analyzing curriculum additions and revisions recommended by the board, and continuing work on new educational offerings. Director McFall closed the meeting with an invitation for all board members to attend the fall gala that will be held November 5, 2016 to honor AIM’s 30-year anniversary. AIM is grateful for the wealth of knowledge and expertise represented by the board and the valuable contributions made by the members. We look forward to continuing this critical collaboration at the next board meeting in September 2016!

Published: April 29, 2016