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AIM Teams with Girls, Inc. to Sponsor the STEM Scholars of Tomorrow!

Photo credit: Joseph Glode,

On December 12, 2015, AIM teamed with Girls, Inc. to support 20 girls who are members of the Girls Inc. Eureka! Program in an outreach event to pair successful women in STEM careers with eighth and ninth grade girls. The Eureka! Program was conceived to boost the prospects for girls—many of whom will be first-generation college or university applicants—to succeed in STEM fields.

Eureka! is a five-year program designed to connect girls to comprehensive summer and school year experiences that will help them to:
  • Display academic motivation and self-efficacy.
  • Have self-confidence with respect to STEM.
  • Make healthy choices about physical activity.
  • Participate in leadership or volunteer activities.
  • Aspire to a STEM career.

Photo credit: Joseph Glode,

AIM teamed with Girls, Inc. to sponsor a panel of six women in STEM careers to share their stories with the girls, and then met in small groups to answer questions and provide guidance. Panel members included:

  • Kara McFall, director, University of Oregon Applied Information Management Master’s Program
  • Cindy Min, senior director of Strategic Initiatives, Stanford University
  • Janice Forrester, research statistician, WebMD
  • Lisa McLaughlin, senior environmental specialist, Eugene Water & Electric Board (EWEB)
  • Mikaela Hall, pricing analyst, Emerald Performance Materials
  • Melinda Lopez, process engineer, nLight

Photo credit: Joseph Glode,

The panel shared stories of how they became interested in their STEM careers, challenges they faced in male-dominated fields, and suggestions for staying motivated and succeeding in school. The small group breakouts enabled the girls to talk individually with each of the panel members. Questions posed to these mentors included what aspects of their jobs are most enjoyable, recommendations for extracurricular activities, and what the mentors do for fun when they are off the job. The afternoon made a powerful impact on the panel members of the amazing talents and ambitions of the next generation of STEM superstars!

Published: February 4, 2016