Applied Information Management

AIM Wishes Janet Cormack a Fond Farewell

Janet Cormack, senior program manager

When Janet Cormack leaves at the end of January, she'll have more than 25 years of history with AIM, starting as a student. Janet graduated from the AIM Program in 1992, joined the AIM staff in 1996 as a program coordinator, and progressed to senior program manager.

Janet has been instrumental in shaping the curriculum of AIM since her earliest days. She was responsible for guiding AIM into the online format, including developing the approach for and teaching AIM’s very first online course. Janet has helped the AIM faculty to create and launch every course since then.

Janet’s contributions to AIM have truly been invaluable. When asked what her proudest accomplishment with the AIM Program has been, Janet identified her work creating the AIM Course Map that links the most in-demand skills identified by industry leaders to specific AIM courses that teach each skill.

We will remember Janet for her generosity in sharing her time helping faculty and students, her dedication to producing the highest quality educational offerings, her knowledge of AIM's history, and the pride she took in AIM that showed in the high quality of work she produced. Please join us in wishing Janet well as she moves on to her next adventure, a less demanding job outside of academia.